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News – read about the latest trends and inspiring data journalism initiatives

The Den’s News section will feature examples of outstanding data journalism projects, insights about best practices and challenges, as well as exclusive content.

News will include curated links, updated daily, highlighting must-see works of data journalism, as well as stories about projects around the world, interviews, tutorials, announcements, information about new tools, and other content relevant to the data journalism community. The Den will also feature original articles focused on data journalism, as well as welcoming submissions from its members.

Users will also be able to subscribe to a newsletter, ‘the Den Bulletin’, that presents the latest essential reading about data journalism. We are still fine-tuning it, testing for twice or three times a week. (You can now sign up for it here, and tell us what you think)

Curious about the Den Bulletin? Click here to get a glimpse.

Stay up to date about the current developments in data journalism in News.

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