Deva Curl Review – Good for Curly Hair or Just another scam


Deva Curl Review – Good for Curly Hair or Just another scam >> Read expert review and know the reason behind its popularity in the United states, UK, Canada and Australia. 

Have you curly hair??? And you cannot understand which product suits your curls? Then here I give you a solution. Today I want to share with you a specially formulated one brand for curly hair.

Devacurl is a company which is specially made their products only for those people who have curly hair. Curly hair people inspire every product. Deva curl experts keep their ingredients very simple but effective. They give everything into their products which a curls need. Devacurl’s experts not only teach how to manage your curls but also teach us how to create beautiful curls. 

They spread their branches not only Canada but also the United States, United Kingdom or many states.

What is Devacurl?

Devacurl opened their first salon in 1994. When they opened their first salon, they focused only on one thing that’s curl. They were obsessed with every type of curls. They believe that curls make a woman very beautiful. Every curl has a unique look and unique journey. So their community wants to share every curls story and raise each other.

In 2002 they first launched Deva curl hair care product Noo-Poo original, which is free from harmful chemicals like paraben, sulfate, silicone. Also, their products are cruelty-free and gluten-free.

Benefits of Devacurl:

They have their own salon and own products, which is excellent. Deva Curl Canada is the main branch.

They have their own hair specialist who knows the needs of every curl.

They tested their products on people, not animal tested, which also great. Whenever they launched their product in the market before that, they test their formula very carefully step by step.

In 2002 they first launched their shampoo, which is free from paraben, sulfate, and silicone.

Devacurl also has its own styling tool which is Deva Curl Diffuser. It is a kind of an attachment of blow dryer that helps to reduce frizz and gives your hair natural wave.

Devacurl Academy:

If you want to start your curl education and want to become a Devacurl expert, then your dreams come true. They have their own NYC academy and also offer you free online classes. They offer you a different level of education

Product Pro(Product expert), which is free online classes- In online classes, they trained students anytime, anywhere. And ready them as a DevaCurl product expert. 

Level 1 Pro that is called Deva inspired stylist- In this class, they cover everything which you don’t know about curl and how their product work for their services.

Level 2 deva that is called advanced stylist- In this part, they introduce their advance techniques, and on live models, they show you how to give them a perfect haircut and highlight curls.

Level 3 Master that is called Deva certified stylist- In this part, they teach you to advance hair cutting, advance highlight curl, or special transformation service techniques Which makes you Expert Devacurl.

Others fields are (NYC academy electives)

Curl Confidential

The Art of Texture

What does Devacurl Cost?

At Deva curl Canada and also other Devacurl branches deva cut range start from $85 to $200. Here only a trained stylist deva cut your hair in their Deva cut technique.

Their product range is different for different curls. The starting range is $10-$46, which is for No-Poo Original. They also have a different routine kit like-

Redefine Your Wavy Routine Kit: $42($62 value)

Redefine Your Curly Routine Kit: $42($59 value)

Redefine Your Super Curly Routine Kit: $42($59 value)

Or many more products available on their official website. 

If you buy their products from their official website, then you can get free samples with $50 and pouch with $85.

Does Devacurl Is Safe To Use?

Yes, it is safe to use. Harmful chemicals damage your hair. Products are free from sulfate, paraben, silicone, and also cruelty-free. Their products are also gluten-free, phthalate-free. Their products are dedicated only for curly hair people. That’s why they are different from other companies.

Devacurl products give your curls extra shine, feel so much healthy, soft, manageable, and also frizz-free. Their chemists are very much talented, and they always innovate new ingredient which gives your curl need. 


Devacurl is an all in one brand. They have not only personal hair care products but also have curly hair tools, accessories, and their own brand salon.  

You get everything in just one place. Deva Curl Canada is one of the best well-known salons. Deva Curl Diffuser is also a popular hair tool for curly hair as per customer reviews.

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